The Many Types Of An Eye Specialist

Eye is a very important component of your entire body and the proper functioning of an eye is really a blessing. In order to get your eyes in their best form it is necessary that you pay a regular visit to your eye specialist. If you are living in Melbourne than you can easily find an Melbourne eye specialist. There are many renowned eye care clinics known for best eye specialists in this city. But before you go to an eye doctor you must know which type of eye doctor you want or need. There are majorly two types of an eye specialist. One is known as Optometrists and other is known as ophthalmologist. 

Talking about the optometrists, these are those doctors who have a specialized degree in the optometry. They are the doctors who deals with the minor problems of eyes related to the vision and other minor issues. Usually these doctors run the vision tests on the patients and prescribed them the medicines or sometimes give them eye glasses or contact lenses. Some of these doctors also perform some vision therapies. Although the responsibilities of the optometrists vary from state to state. In some state their license also includes the prescription of certain medicines for the cure of the eye problems. It is also observed that in some states the optometrists also provide the treatments to the patient having eye surgeries. They can give the treatment to the patient before and after the surgery. Although the training of an optometrists does not involve the performance of any sort of surgery. Like any doctor, the optometrists must also need to update their knowledge constantly in order to retain their license.

On the other hand, the ophthalmologist is an eye doctor Melbourne who can perform all the tasks that an Optometrists can perform but along with these, he is also trained to perform the surgeries of the eyes. This is the only major difference between these two doctors of the eyes.

Knowing the type, now the question that arise is which type of eye doctor you should visit. If you are deciding to pay a regular visit in order to be sure that all the muscles and tissues of your eyes are working properly it is completely dependent on you that which type of doctor you would want to see. Since both of these can perform the examination of the eyes in the same manner. However, if you are suffering form some serious eye problem and needs to consult a doctor then it is recommended to pay a visit to the ophthalmologist rather then optometrists.